InGame 可帮助组织将游戏的吸引性和说服力应用于培训、客户行为、市场营销和非营利性营销活动。

InGame 提供了对游戏的深刻理解 - 它的心理,它如何与您的业务目标和观众的期望保持一致。






Stephen Knightly is New Zealand’s most experienced gamification consultant and educational game designer.

As well as being Managing Director of InGame, he is a director of technology and innovation marketing agency Pursuit PR, chairperson of the New Zealand Game Developers Association, a mentor at the Lighting Lab digital business accelerator and advisory board member of AUT University’s CoLab multidisciplinary team.


Melanie has 20 years experience in digital, film and visual effects and now Augmented Reality. She holds a Post Grad Dipl in Entrepreneurship and a Dipl in Business Coaching.

Her augmented reality Magical Park app was a finalist for the NZ Innovation Awards in 2016.


Paul brings communications, marketing and instructional design skills to InGame’s projects and is a co-founder of the company. He has worked in communications agencies in Wellington, London, Sydney and Auckland including Ogilvy and Text 100 Text 100 Global Communications. He is also Managing Director of Ingame’s sister agency Pursuit PR.

Paul has an LLB / BA from Victoria University of Wellington.


Edwin McRae is a scriptwriter, story-editor, and narrative consultant for several hit video games.

Combining his narrative abilities with his experience as an educator, Edwin has become an outspoken advocate for the educational power of games. He has created game-based e-learning units for schools, and run professional development courses for teachers wishing to harness the potential of game-based learning.


Erik 是一位经验丰富的交互式游戏和应用程序开发人员,在跨平台开发方面拥有特殊技能,涵盖 iPhone、iPad、Android 手机、响应式网站、VR 和 AR 以及 360 电影。 他曾在大普提尼理工学院、MAINZ担任企业IT职务,并为政府机构开发业务系统。


Kerry is an experienced 3D and 2D artist. Kerry holds a Graduate Diploma in Creative Tech from the Media Design School and studied at Sydney’s prestigious Julian Ashton Art School.

He previously worked in feature films and at Massive, who create artificial intelligence crowd simulations for use in movies such as Lord of the Rings.